Friday, March 13, 2009

This Year is Shaping up to be one of the Craziest in Sports

This year is sports so far has been so surprising, its starting to remind me of LOST (which is a great show by the way). The year kicked off with undefeated Utah beating an Alabama team in the Sugar Bowl, leading many to call for a BCS playoff. Then the Arizona Cardinals, a franchise who up until this year was probably most famous for Rod Tidwell, made it to the Super Bowl, then came within an amazing catch by Santonio Holmes of winning it. Alex Rodriguez, who like him or not, many though was the best chance of a clean player to break Barry Bonds' home run record*, admitted he was on the juice (once again I beg you Albert Pujols not to use steriods).

Then last night I watched UConn and Syracuse duke it out for six overtimes (ten minutes short of two full regulations). Apparently a game once went into seven overtimes, but I personally had never seen more than triple overtime. By the end of the fourth overtime, the players on both sides had to think they were stuck in the movie Groundhog Day. Both teams deserve recognition for fighting so hard, but you have to think that UConn may have been the real winner by losing. Syracuse will have to play at 9pm tonight and will be completely exhausted. The toll that these two days will take on the players may hurt their chances in the real tournament if the players are still fatigued. Either way both teams deserve props for one hell of a game. With how crazy this year has been, the one seeds better not overlook the sixteen seeds next week.

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