Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jump Around Danny!

While this season has been awesome for the most part as a UNC student and fan, one thing has been tragically absent. I refer of course to Danny Green's pre-game dance to the song "Jump Around." On a quick sidenote, the House of Pain (who sings the song) is a 90's hip hop group comprised of 3 white Irish-American rappers. I can't decide whether I am really surprised or unsurprised by this. Anyways, as Danny has been in the starting lineup all year (and thus not on the sideline to dance), he has refrained from his dancing. While this is understandable, as it may come across disrespectful to be dancing on the court right before tip-off, I still feel it was a source of team unity that is now not present.

What makes this worse is that Greg Little (who plays on the football team) didn't walk on this year, as he was almost as enthusiatic as Green during "Jump Around." Another quick aside: my favorite stat last yeat was that UNC was undefeated in games in which Greg Little saw the court, prompting a long-running inside joke that he was the best player on the team.

Anyways, with tomorrow being Green's final game in the Dean Dome, facing Duke, it would be a travesty if Danny didn't dance one last time to "Jump Around." And trust me, if he does (I have a hunch he will), myself and everyone in the Dean Dome will go crazy. So Danny, I respecfully ask you to Jump Around!

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  1. Officially retiring the dance(r) was just as important: