Saturday, February 21, 2009

General Grevis Sinks UNC

I really didn't want to write about UNC losing for my first post but when someone puts up a triple double to beat one of the top teams in the country, it probably merits a post, especially when I can call him General Grevis (all rights reserved ESPN). Senor Vasquez put up 35 points and 11 rebounds and 10 assists, against UNC's pioneering "we really just want the ball back to play offense, so you can go ahead and shoot" defensive scheme. Honestly, how is Ty Lawson the fastest man in college basketball, and yet only decent at sticking with his man on defense. Oh and Tyler Zeller looked like a seven foot version of Bobby Frasor minus the defense. And if you don't know who Bobby Frasor is, that just proves my point. In the end the win is much bigger for Maryland as they may avoid a second appearance in the dubious Not Invited Tournament come march.

Also Oklahoma lost to Texas, a upset that could be seen from kilometers away (pre-med has indoctrinated me to the metric system). With the Oklahoma Blake Griffin's, UNC, and UConn falling in the past week it looks like Pittsburgh Panthers will now take the number one spot. While the Panthers look like one of the more complete and disciplined teams in the nation I'm really not sure I can take them seriously until they make it past the sweet 16 in march. Ultimately, since UNC let go of the number one spot after falling to BC no one has really seemed to want to say there long (maybe it has herpes). Either way this March is shaping up to be virtually unpredictable. And given the Arizona Cardinals made the Super Bowl, anything is possible this year in sports (Except UNC losing at Duke).

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