Saturday, February 27, 2010

With Drew II Considering Transfer, Wolfpack Recruit Ryan Harrow Considering Changing his Committment

UPDATE: Drew II has denied this rumor, specifying that he isn't even dating Eddie Murphy's daughter and proving that Brinson and Buster sports have no credibility whatsoever. Still I think this post is funny and I'm keeping it up.

Recently, reports have emerged from sports website Buster Sports that UNC point guard Larry Drew II is considering transferring after the season. You know Buster Sports is a credible source on the matter as its main writer, Will Brinson, is a diehard Wolfpack fan who hates the Tar Heels. Brinson's bio also claims that he "plays basketball with LeBron James and races with Dale Earnhardt" so you know he is in deep in the sporting world.

Unfortunately for Brinson just hours after he "broke" the story about Drew II transferring, 2010 NC State point guard recruit Ryan Harrow heard the news. Reliable sources in a relative proximity to the situation tell VFSS that Harrow now is seriously considering transferring away from NC State and committing to UNC. Harrow is claimed to have stated "I had always wanted to go to a school where I could compete for a national championship, I actually committed to NC State under the false assumption it was UNC. I quickly realized my mistake after UNC swept the season series this spring."

Until the Drew situation emerged there was not going to be much room on the roster for Harrow, who is a quick point guard who seems fitted to UNC's fast paced offense. While the decision to decommit may seem strange, there certainly is a precedent. Fellow member of the incoming freshman class C.J. Leslie decommitted from state this summer and is likely to end up at Kentucky or even UNC next year. Harrow seems excited about the opportunity to play for a contender. "I can't thank Brinson enough for bringing to light the situation, I really feel in his debt and will make sure to thank him when UNC plays State next year. He really gave me hope with regards to my college career."

Note: This piece is meant to be satirical and in no way has any truth to it whatsoever. The quotes as well as the situation are made up. It is intended as a humorous response to the "serious" report from a sports website (run by an NC State fan) which claimed "reliable sources close to the situation" (aka this one guy he read on a message board) were reporting Drew II was considering transferring. Frankly VFSS is most disappointed with the DTH which found fit to report this unsubstantiated rumor without evidence from any more reliable sources. I think this whole thing is a load of BS, so Larry please don't make me look stupid.


  1. You people. Sounds like you're more worried about being out-scooped by a State fan than the actual status of your players.

  2. hahaha, well played. that's hilarious